The Apostles' Creed
A Summary of our Faith
I Believe in God,
The God of our faith has revealed Himself as He who is.....   God is eternal blessedness, undying life, unfading light.  God is love.
Catechism 231, 257

the Father Almighty,
God is the Father Almighty, whose fatherhood and power shed light on one another. God reveals His fatherly omnipotence by the way He takes care of our needs: by the filial adoption that He gives us; Finally by His infinite mercy, for He displays His power at its height by freely forgiving sins.
  Catechism 270

Creator of heaven and earth,
God alone created the universe freely, directly, and without any help.  He created the world to show forth and communicate His glory.  That His creatures should share in His truth, goodness and beauty - this is the glory for which God created them.
 Catechism 317, 319

and in Jesus Christ,
His only Son, our Lord,
 At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, [the title] Lord expresses the recognition of the divine mystery of Jesus. In the encounter with the risen Jesus, this title becomes adoration: My Lord and my God!  It thus takes on a connotation of love and affection that remains proper to the Christian tradition.  It is the Lord!
     Catechism 448

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
The Gospel accounts understand the virginal conception of Jesus as a divine work that surpasses all human understanding and possibility.....  The Holy Spirit, the Lord, giver of life, is sent to sanctify the womb of the Virgin Mary......causing her to conceive the eternal Son of the Father in a humanity drawn from her own.
Catechism 497, 485

suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified,
died and was buried;
Jesus' violent death was not the result of chance in an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, but is part of the mystery of God's plan.....  It is love to the end that confers on Christ's sacrifice its value as redemption and reparation, as atonement and satisfaction.  He knew and loved us all when He offered His life.
Catechism 599, 616

He descended into hell;
This was the first meaning given in the apolostic preaching to Christ's descent into hell that Jesus, like all men, experienced death and in His soul joined the others in the realm of the dead.  But He decended there as Savior, proclaiming the Good News to the spirits imprisoned there.
Catechism 632

on the third day,
He rose again from the dead;
The Resurrection of Jesus is the crowning truth of our faith in Christ.  In Him, Christians have tasted the powers of the age to come and their lives are swept by Christ into the heart of divine life, so that they may live no longer for themselves but for Him who for their sake died and was raised.
Catechism 638, 655

He ascended into heaven, and is seated
at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
Christ's ascension marks the definitive entrance of Jesus' humanity into God's heavenly domain.  By the Father's right hand we understand the glory and honor of divinity, where He who exists as the Son of God before all seated bodily after He became incarnate and His flesh was glorified.
Catechism 665, 663

from there He will come to judge
the living and the dead.
Christ is Lord of eternal life.  Full right to pass definitive judgment on the works and hearts of men belongs to Him as Redeemer of the world.  He acquired this right by His cross.  The Father has given all judgment to the Son.  Yet the Son did not come to judge but to save and give the life He has found in Himself.
Catechism 679

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
To believe in the Holy Spirit is to profess that the Holy Spirit is one of the persons of the Holy Trinity, consubstantial with the Father and the Son:  who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified.
  Catechism 685

the holy Catholic Church,
The Church is both the means and the goal of God's plan: prefigured in creation. prepared for in the Old Covenant, founded by the words and actions of Jesus Christ, fulfilled by His redeeming Cross and His Resurrection, the Church has been manifested as the mystery of salvation by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  She will be perfected in heaven as the assembly of all the redeemed of the earth.
   Catechism 778

the communion of saints,
We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are being purified, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church and we believe that in this communion, the merciful love of God and His saints is always [attentive] to our prayers.
Catechism 962,  from The Credo of the people of God

the forgiveness of sins,
There is no offense, however serious, that the Church cannot forgive...... Christ, who died for all men, desires that in His Church the gates of forgiveness should always be open to anyone who turns away from sin.
   Catechism 982

the resurrection of the body,
By death the soul is separated from the body, but in the resurrection God will give incorruptible life to our body, transformed by reunion with our soul.  Just as Christ is risen and lives forever, so all of us will rise at the last day.
  Catechism 1016

and life everlasting.
The life of the blessed consists in the full and perfect possession of the fruits of the redemption accomplished by Christ.  He makes partners in His heavenly glorification those who have believed in Him and remained faithful to His will.
  Catechism 1026

The Creed's final Amen repeats and confirms its first words:  I believe To believe is to say Amen to God's words, promises and commandments to entrust oneself completely to Him who is the Amen of infinite love and perfect faithfulness.  The Christian's everyday life will then be the Amen to the I believe of our baptismal profession of faith.
Catechism 1064

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Where can we find
the essential formula of faith?

Where can we find the truths
that have been faithfully passed down to us
and that constitute the light
for our daily life?

The answer is simple: in the Creed!
                                                                                                                                     Pope Benedict XVI

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