St. Clare was among them.  The Sisters who kept watch at her deathbed recalled how the Seraphic Mother had the Name of JESUS on her lips continually, invoking the King of Glory in that final hour with humble trust in His power to save.

 St. Francis knew it.  St. Clare knew it.  May it be one of the lessons we learn as this New Year opens out before us.

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The invocation of the Holy Name of

is the simplest way of praying always.
Catechism #2668
The name of

is at the heart of Christian prayer.
Catechism #435

The early biographers tell how Francis always had the Name of JESUS on his lips and in his heart.  So great and tender was his devotion to the Holy Name that he would reverently gather the scraps of paper he found lying on the ground, saying that the letters on them could be used to form the Name of God and the Name of His Son.

           Many Christians have died with one word:

  on their lips.
Catechism #435