To be in touch with CHRIST,
we must first have been touched by

     Catechism #683






For St. Francis and St. Clare, there was a definite “must” on their spiritual shopping list.  So certain were they that no follower of theirs could do without it that they included a “no options” clause about it in their Rules.   What was this absolute spiritual necessity they so desired?   That each of their spiritual children should desire above all to have the Spirit of the Lord and His holy way of working.   Why?  Because

is the first to awaken faith in us
and to communicate to us the new life. 

 Catechism #68

So eager was St. Francis to impress upon his brothers the importance of the Paraclete in the life of their fraternity that he proclaimed the Holy Spirit to be the “Minister General” of the Order.  He knew that the heights of Gospel perfection to which they were called can only be reached with the help of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity.

By the power of THE HOLY SPIRIT,
children can bear fruit.

“We live by the Spirit;”
the more we renounce ourselves,

the more we “walk by the Spirit.”

Catechism #736

But if the Holy Spirit moves the heart and converts it to God #153, He is also the One from whom God’s children learn how to pray. Catechism #2650  An enclosed lifetime of prayer confirmed St. Clare in her devotion to Him who is the Master of prayer. Catechism #741   For Clare, the fruit of prayer was living the Christ-life, a spiritual harvest of virtue which could only be reaped through

the interior Master of life according to Christ,
who inspires, guides, corrects and strengthens this life.
 Catechism #1697

            Let us, then, follow the Seraphic Saints on the Way which is Christ, running in the company of

who builds, animates and sanctifies the Church, 
Catechism #747

             First of all by filling the hearts of all believers with the fire of His love.         
 Catechism #1697


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