Oh!  How precious is the sepulcher of Jesus, a sepulcher visited by the devotion of so many!  And, Oh!  How precious is your own sepulcher in which devoted souls attain their salvation.  O most blessed cloister which removed you from vice and occasions of evil, and which holds you enclosed in security and merit and in noble virtue.  Noble castle, strong and efficacious, of the King of the Heavens!  16,36, 38

O most blessed enclosure.  O soul hidden from everything created!
There is her only repose!
  O precious and safe cloister!  To be enclosed in
a continual remembrance of the precious wounds of Jesus Christ.
  43, 44

With the angels, praise God!   Exalt Him here below in all things for the
inestimable alms of the creation of man....and for the sovereign gift of the
sacred Incarnation of our God who is so good that, after having created all
things for us, became Himself true man and our loving Brother so as to repair everything amiss for us by His glorious Passion and death.  O infinite good!   O measureless beauty!  O ingratitude which forgets so great a good.  46,477

Take note, my beloved daughters, that you have been called by grace
to perfect obedience, so as to obey in all things all the time so long as there is no sin....  For it does not suffice to obey sometimes and in certain things only, but until death and in all things....and this after the example of our merciful Redeemer who made Himself obedient for us right up to His death.  9

O holy poverty! the clothing of our Redemption! precious jewel!! of the kingdom of heaven which lasts forever.  O my dearly loved sisters - love, love, love very perfectly this most excellent virtue, loved by God and loathed by the world. 18, 20

We ought faithfully to safeguard what we have promised; and if we commit some fault through human frailty, let us hasten to get up each time we fall and cleanse ourselves and make reparation by holy penance. And our sweet Father, during this life, receives us back without delay in His sweet reconciliation.  51

Then the Lord said; “And Follow Me.”  By this I understand that we ought
to follow Jesus Christ, the Lamb without spot, a virgin and Son of a virgin,
by full purity of heart and body until death.
  O worthy and excellent
virtue (of charity)!
  It is impossible to understand very well your price and
your value and the excellence of your victory and to write about them.
God alone is your reward in the vision and divine enjoyment of Himself.
  26, 33


Among all the virtues, I commend holy obedience to you first of all,
for in it is found the fullness of charity when one renders obedience to a creature in all things for love of the Creator.  Oh, may we be able to die with Jesus on the Cross in this virtue and obtain life eternal.  15, 16

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My beloved daughters, the truly obedient person ought to dread losing out on obedience more than some physical dying, after the example of our blessed Savior Jesus Christ of whom St. Bernard used to say;  “Remember, my brothers, that Jesus Christ held it a dearer thing to lose His life in His bitter passion than to lose obedience to God His Father.”  12

After the renunciation of self in full obedience, our Savior wills that we
carry the Cross every day.  This is our vow of holy poverty, the demanding
cross of desiring nothing under heaven save Him alone who carried the cross
on His shoulders and deigned by His love to die on that Cross.  17


Let happy penance be done before the end of this present life, for this alone,
my dearly loved daughters, can bring about full reconciliation with the beloved Father of those for whom our merciful Redeemer lived in most high obedience, poverty and virginity,
Himself the only Fountain of all virtues.

Live and die truly poor, my well-beloved daughters, as did our
sweet Savior upon the Cross for us.  And if, nonetheless, few people
esteem poverty, that is for you the occasion to love it the more.  26

This most beloved entrance into the fertile field of Gospel perfection
is called complete renouncement of the world, the flesh and of one's own will.
So the blessed Son of the pure virgin sets forth that: Whoever wishes to
come after Me, let him completely renounce his very self and carry his cross.  8

In the words of the Testament of our Mother St. Colette

"I beg you to bring it about that Jesus is loved."
St. Colette of Corbie

The fourteen station markers are located in the public chapel of the monastery.

Praise, praise all the time, praise without end, and love the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit; and the most humble virgin who bore
Jesus Christ, the holy and exalted soul of our Redeemer and His
precious body which for us was hung upon the Cross.