Sing Psalms to God

A Franciscan look at the Psalter

Praise in a Little Space
God in the Present Time
Knowing the Father
Angelic Expansion
A Pilgrim of Peace
God Hears God answers
Your Servant am I
Open Your Hearts
Christ's Cry  Francis' Echo
Watching for Mercy
The Lord Reigns
Blessed Be His Name!
The Penitent Song
The Great Refrain
From Troubles to Blessings
The Apostle's Creed

A Reflection
Consider Him!
Charting Our Course To Christ

Those High A's 
A Bouquet of Goodness
 The 3-C's 
3-D Living
In the Key of G
High and Low
I, Yet, Not I
The Jewel

O Loyal Love
Mild and Meek
The Noble Race

Good Order
The Opening Power
Three Other R's 
The Great "S"
The Task of a Lifetime


The Excelling Love
The Gracious YES

With Zeal Aflame

Sweet Fruit of Faith
Our Holy Mother Clare's
Life of Faith

1 - In a Household of the Faith
2 - Repent, and Believe!
3 - Will He Find Faith?
4 - Through Faith
5 - Strength out of Weakness
6 - The Obedience of Faith
7 - Blessed is She who Believed
8 - Increase our Faith
9 - Faith Working Through Love
10 - We Walk By Faith
11 - O Woman, Great is Your Faith

The Seraphic Alphabet
The Essential Elements
of our Franciscan Spirituality

In God-In Joy-Intent-Intimate Intensified-Involved-Interest
Catechetical Saints
A Walk Through the Catechism
with Sts. Francis and Clare

1 - We Believe
2 - Christian Penance
3 - God is Love

4 - Resting in God

5 - Look to Heaven
6 - Gospel Vision of Work
7 - Praising God in Life and in Death

8 - Living in Thanksgiving

9 - Secret of Christmas Joy

10 - The Holy Name of  JESUS

11 - Suffering with Christ

12 - Spirit of Sacrifice

13 - The Feast of Feasts

14 - Hail, Holy Lady

15 - The Spirit's Holy Way of Working

16 - Give Thanks for the Gift of Life

17 - Praise of the Holy Trinity

18 - The Heart that Prays

19 - Who are You, My God?

20 - Praying for the Faithful Departed

21 - The Lord Give You Peace!
Behold Him
The Christocentric Prayer 
of  our Mother St. Clare

1 - Her Secret
2 - Son of the Most High Father

3 - Son of the Glorious Virgin

4 - Perfection of the Holy Gospel

5 - Most High Lord

6 - Most Holy and Most Beloved Child

7 - Jesus, Poor and Humble

8 - The Way

9 - Crucified for Us Sinners
10 - The Author of Salvation
11 - The Beautiful One

12 - The Inflaming Love

13 - The Mirror Without Spot

14 - The Heavenly Spouse

15 - The Hidden Treasure

16 - The Lamb Without Spot

17 - The King of Glory

18 - The Lord So Great and Good

The Praying Francis

The Prayers of our
Holy Father Francis

1 - Prayer before the San Damiano Crucifix
2 - We Adore You
3 - The Praises before the Office

4 - O Holy Virgin
5 - Who are You, My Lord?

6 - My God and My All!

7 - Canticle of the Creatures
8 - Praises of God Most High
9 - A Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
10 - Make me an Instrument of Thy Peace!
11 - O my Infant Jesus
12 - The Holy Name of JESUS
13 - The Kindness of God has Appeared


Great Ladies
St. Clare: A variety of titles
Lives of our Poor Clare
Saints and Blesseds

1- St. Eustochia Calafato (Gods Gem)
2 - St. Colette of Corbie (Little Handmaid)

3 - St. Agnes of Prague (The Princess)

4 - Blessed Marie Celine (God's Violet)

5 - St. Camilla Baptista Varano

6 - St. Catherine of Bologna

7 - St. Kinga (Cunegunda)

8 - Beatrice of Assisi
9 - St. Veronica Giuliani
10 - Blessed Josephine Leroux 

"By their fruits, you shall know them," our Lord declared.  The following Franciscan reflections, which we have shared with our friends and benefactors over the years, contain many "fruits" of our prayer, study and sisterly sharing. We hope you find them an inspirational introduction to the spirituality bequeathed to us by our Holy Father Francis and our Mother Clare.