With ecclesiastical approval
Most Rev. James P. Keleher
December 11, 1991

Picture used with permission 
Icon of our Mother St. Clare
Sanctuary of San Damiano-Assisi (Italy)



O God,
You who filled the heart of
St. Clare with love for the
mysteries of the Cross

and caused her to rejoice to
share in the sufferings of Christ,

grant that through her example
and prayers all who suffer
in mind, heart or body
may find serenity in their suffering,
faith in time of trial,
hope in Your healing mercy
and be given a share
in the everlasting light and love
of Your heavenly kingdom.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

In the epilogue to the ancient LIFE OF ST. CLARE, one of the most endearing miracles in Franciscan history is related. A blind man had a vision in which he heard a beautiful lady saying to him: "Why do you not come to me to be cured?"  Upon learning that this lady was Blessed Clare of Assisi, sightless Giacobello set out to visit her tomb, there to receive what he had so long desired, -- his vision.

Down the centuries, the gracious and gentle St. Clare has continued to ask the afflicted ones of the world: "Why do you not come to me?"  No stranger to suffering, - she bore the cross of illness for more than twenty-eight years, - this first spiritual daughter of St. Francis still desires to help those who suffer to share as deeply and as fruitfully as she did in the mystery of redemptive love.

A women of unbounded faith and hope, she teaches the secret of finding peace amid suffering: union with Christ Crucified.  "If you suffer with Him," she wrote, "you will reign with Him."

Saint Pope John Paul II once remarked that "there was no concern, suffering, anguish or discouragement of others which did not find an echo in the hearts" of St. Clare and her spiritual progeny.  This is the great work which we as Poor Clare Nuns are privileged to continue even today, gathering into the heart of our enclosed life of prayer all the needs and hurts of the world.  We invite you to join us in enlisting St. Clare’s intercession for the sick and suffering of our time, especially those who are afflicted with cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Let us come with confidence to our Mother St. Clare who, as a true "consoler of the afflicted," wishes to extend to all suffering people the comfort and compassion of Christ Himself. May her powerful prayers obtain for them the grace to recognize the value of their sufferings when united with the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ and offered for the spiritual healing of the world.  And may they, like St. Clare,  find in Christ Crucified and Risen, the source of peace and eternal salvation.
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