The Solemn Novena

in honor of

St. Clare of Assisi

August 2 10.


In this, the Church's Holy Year of Mercy, we invite you to join with us in prayer to or Seraphic Mother and Foundress,
whom we will honor as A Co-Worker of Mercy, during the Solumn Novena of St. Clare of Assisi.

                    The evening schedule will include                      

7:00 p.m.           Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacramentt
                                                              followed by night prayers, Compline and adoration timee

7:30 p.m.          The Novena Service concluding with Benedicion
                                 of the Blessed Sacrament 


August 2

  Feed the Hungry 

Feeding the hungry is a simple work that even a child can do. In fact, it is a work of mercy which St. Clare of Assisi did do as a young child, accompanying her pious mother Ortolana as she brought food to the poor of her city. Clare's concern for the hungry poor continued throughout her lifetime - and she reminds us today to see the Face of Christ in the poor who ask for bread.

  August 3   
  Instruct the Ignorant   

  St. Clare took seriously her responsibility as a teacher. All her life she sought to deepen her knowledge of God, Scripture and Church doctrine. What she learned, she passed on to others. Thus, even when she was ill, she gathered  her Sisters for instruction in prayer and the spiritual life. The Lady Clare taught not only by her words, but by her example, so much so that Pope Alexander IV could write: her life was an instruction and a lesson to others. (BULLOF CANONIZATION. I0)    
  August 4    
  Clothe the Naked   

The reliquaries of Assisi contain ample evidence that Clare was an excellent seamstress. Thus, when those who knew St. Clare as a child say that she was busy with every kind of good work, this may have included her making clothes for the poor. The circular letter written at the time of her death mentions that when someone needing clothing came to the monastery parlor, it was St. Clare who supplied the need - materially, with whatever she had on hand. and spiritually, by clothing them with her prayerful concern.

  August 5    
  Comfort the Afflicted   

Let  her  console th afflicted St.  Clare  exhorted each abbess who would succeed her, (RULE. 4) joining the service of authority to the ministry of mercy. But the practice of this spiritual work of mercy was not only confided to the abbess. The Seraphic  Mother  specifies  that, in  the  little and large  afflictions of  daily  life,  each  Sister is called to support and console her Sisters as she herself would hope to be consoled in her time of need.

  August 6    
  Visit the Sick   

In addition to having many sick Sisters in her monastery's infirmary, St. Clare  herself  carried the cross of chronic ill health for almost twentynine years. So she knew firsthand  what an effective remedy visiting the sick can  be.  A listening ear and an understanding heart are the best medicine for those feeling the weight of illness, physical weakness and limitations.

    August 7    
  Forgive Offenses   

Forgiveness is the most obvious and yet the most difficult work of mercy to put into practice: At times. how hard it seems to forgive!  And yet pardon is  the instrument placed into our fragile hands to attain  serenity  of  heart.    (Misericordlae Vultus. 9) St. Clare of Assisi was well aware of the "challenge of pardon" and of the daily need for mercy. That is why she encouraged frequent sacramental Confession - for in experiencing God's merciful forgiveness ourselves, we are better equipped to give it to others.

    August 8    
Bear Patiently with Those Who Do Us Ill 

For St. Clare of Assisi, the imitation  of the patiently merciful Christ was an integral part of observing the holy Gospel.  Like many  other saints, she found that the  key to the patient bearing of wrongs is found in  remembrance of the wonderful patience of  Christ.   For gazing upon the Crucified enabled  her  not only to bear injuries patiently, but to do so in peace, knowing that patient love is one of the greatest gifts of  God's mercy  to the world.

    August 9    
  Pray for the Living and the Dead   

The "prayer list" of Clare was truly universal. It encompassed the Church and the world. She prayed for all who requested her prayers and all who needed her prayers on earth - the sick. the troubled. the crippled. the rich and the poor. the powerful and the powerless. Be generous to the souls in purgatory summarizes her dedication to prayer for the departed.  St.  Clare encourages  us to engage in this all seasons. anytime, anywhere in spiritual works of mercy which anyone can do and which all of us are called to do.

    August 10    
  Marked by Mercy, Moved by Mercy   
  St. Clare celebrated the great mercies which marked her earthly pilgrimage - her birth, her faith, her vocation.  She invites us to do the same.  She lived a life moved by mercy, in generous service to her Sisters and in prayerful concern for the world. She invites us to do likewise, and to discover the deep truth of Jesus' proclamation: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy! (Mt5:7)