1:19p.m. on August 21 - ECLIPSE DAY!
At the moment of TOTALITY
(equipped with safe solar glasses)
we praised God for the wonders of
Brother Sun and Sister Moon.
.....carrots, and other summer
produce for canning and freezing.
In late August, our eldest Sister celebrated
the 66th anniversary of her Holy Profession.
We thanked God for her example of faithful

On the Poor Clare

Path of

We gave ourselves TOTALLY as
we worked together to prepare our
novena mailings for our
friends and benefactors.
As Southern Illinois looked forward to the solar eclipse, Mother prepared us spiritually for the Solemnity of our Mother St. Clare by reflecting on our Poor Clare vocation as a “Path of Totality.”

Rejoicing in God’s TOTAL giving and the

generosity of our local farmers,
we prepare many peaches…”

We often stopped to read the petitions sent
in from all over the country for the Solemn
Novena in honor of our Mother St. Clare
taking them TOTALLY to heart in prayer.