A Life for God

This video was originally produced in 2003
by the Poor Clare Nuns at the Belleville, Illinois monastery.
It was created as a means of letting people know
what the Poor Clares do all day
as well as explain their spiritual life.
The original VHS video is twenty minutes in length.

If you do not have a video player on your
machine or phone, please look in your
app store and get one so you can view
the nun's video.

Thank You.

Prayer and Contemplation

Prayer and Contemplation

Prayer and Work

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Formation

In keeping with our cloistered, contemplative form of life, we do not use the Internet or email.
While we provide the content pictures and drawings for our website with the help of friends who have visited the Holy sites.
It is maintained and updated by generous Secular Franciscan friends.

Vocations inquiries: Please leave us a message with your contact information at 618 235-4407, and a Sister will return your call as soon as possible.


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